Our Mission
Our mission:

The aim of ODM Shanghai: be a full partner in order to allow you to purchase the product you need in China, at the time you need and at the most competitive price.

Select the best supplier for you, ranked by our team with strict criteria defined by the policy of our company.

Negotiate with these factories for you and insure you a total transparency before and during the production cycle.

Quality control
We control the quality of the goods during several steps:
  • Before the production, carrying out a factory audit, and checking the production capacity, as well as its staff
  • During the production, carrying out  several checks during the key steps
  • At the end of the production, a final random inspection is carried out before shipping the goods

We select the best forwarder and carrier for you, in order to control all the costs and maximize the security of the goods.

Our objective:

Work with you on your projects and make them be a success in order to insure the long term competitiveness of your company, and develop a relationship based on reliability, liability and transparency.
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