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Quality control

Many companies overlook the importance of having staff on the ground to make sure factories and the end buyers are on the same page in relation to product specs and overall quality standards. Our on-site presence is a key to successful production in the region.

A complete inspection program consists of a tailored selection of the following:

Audit: Factory evaluation and Social Accountability

Before committing to working with a new factory we like to make a full assessment of the production facilities and organization according to ISO standards. As a result we only place orders with factories having the capacity and quality levels required to service our orders on time, every time. Compliance to hygiene & safety standards, local labor laws and child labor are among the many other factors also taken into consideration.

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Initial production check (IPC) & during production check (DUPRO)

A visual check on the quality of components, materials, and finished products at the commencement of production against clients' specifications and reference sample. The IPC thus permits timely corrections and improvements before the bulk of production is initiated; any non-conformity is immediately reported so as to avoid delay in shipment. A DUPRO is carried out when at least 25% of the order has been completed. We will check that corrections and improvements suggested during the IPC are implemented, examine the existing production and provide a fax status report.

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Final random inspection (FRI)

A detailed visual inspection of samples selected at random to check that quality, quantity, and packaging conform to samples and specifications. This inspection is carried out when the total consignment is completed and at least 80% is export packed. This report will help our customers to discover problems when the products are still in the factory, so that any defects can be rectified.

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To get samples of our quality control reports, or to find out more, please contact us: info@odmind.com

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